While average water levels in dams around the Eastern Cape have decreased slightly the Department of Water and Sanitation says the situation in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is critical.

According to the department water storage levels in dams across the municipality were below 35% last week. The department is urging residents in the province to use water sparingly and for all sectors to adhere to the water restrictions that are in place.

“The Algoa Water Supply System with five major dams serving this area of NMB is struggling, with the exception of Loerie Dam sitting at 93.5%. The Kouga Dam is currently 8.6%, compared to last week’s 8.9% at this time of the year and Impofu Dam is sitting at 33.6% this week, last week it was 34.1%” the department noted.

Monitoring water consumption

Meanwhile the municipality is calling on residents and businesses to help monitor their water consumption for any significant changes in their meter readings especially those residing in Uitenhage, Despatch, Newton Park, Sydenham, Motherwell and New Brighton, as these are the areas where water leaks are most prevalent and in which a worrying trend has been observed.

“Residents and business owners are advised to perform monitoring overnight, when water usage is almost at zero. If a resident or business owner notices any significant change in their meter reading, they must urgently contact a plumber for inspection and repair, at their own cost,” the municipality said.

High water users face water restrictors

“Only residents under the Assistance to the Poor Programme are advised to call the municipal helpline number to report the matter. Water Services technicians will also be going to these areas to check leaks on the municipal water pipeline,” it added.

The municipality said billing volumes of the affected areas will also be monitored closely, with the intention of identifying high water users. “Once identified, they will be given notice to decrease their volumes, failure to do so will lead to the installation of water restrictors on their properties,” it concluded.

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