Leading sustainability experts will gather in Tshwane later this year to discuss cost effective, integrated solutions towards achieving smart, green African cities at the 6th Going Green Conference.

The conference, which is is set to take place in Tshwane from the 29-30 August 2018, is being held under the theme “Ke Nako – Its time” and aims to connect ideas, connect people and stimulate the creation of sustainable built environment solutions for South African cities.

Songo Didiza, CEO of the Green Building Design Group, says the GGC prides itself in being a thought leadership forum to drive successful Private Public Partnerships in the country. “As such we are anticipating sustainability representatives from all spheres of government with large property portfolios, financial institutions, property developers and property equity funds,” he notes.

Green cafes dialogues

As part of the conference for this year the organisers will be hosting Green Cafes dialogues in Tshwane, Cape Town and Johannesburg. “The Green Café is a knowledge exchange platform where people from diverse industries, professions and backgrounds discuss green initiatives and how to best implement them within the city environment,” Didiza explains.

“The Green Cafés have been introduced to play a role in unlocking policy implementation by providing a platform for green technology solution providers to showcase practical ideas that can be used to fast track the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in society”.

Roadmap to zero carbon emissions

“As Green Building Design Group we are planning to marry the recommended solutions from the Green Café dialogue to create the “road map to achieve net zero carbon emissions in the public sector” that can be used as a consistent message leading up to the 6th Going Green in Public Facilities Conference where all the cities, provincial and national governments will be invited to learn from the pathway of the Capital City and other C40 partners,” Didiza concludes.

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