The Department of Water and Sanitation says Minister, Gugile Nkwinti, has taken bold steps to turn the department around and accelerative service delivery imperatives since his appointment.

According to the department Nkwinti, has already developed a five-pillar turn-around strategy to address issues of service delivery as well as outlined his plans of creating a culture of doing more with less in the department, thus reducing the manner in which money is spent.

Nkwinti’s five-pillar turn-around strategy

Minister Nkwinti’s five-pillar turn-around strategy is aimed at addressing issues of service delivery, through the following:

  • A National Water Resources and Services Authority
  • A National Water Resources and Services Regulator
  • A Water Resources and Services Value Chain
  • A Water Resources and Services Master Plan
  • Institutional Rationalisation and Organisational Alignment

Reducing irregular spending  

To further reduce spending Nkwinti has taken the decision to use the department’s construction unit for infrastructure projects. This is intended to reduce unauthorised, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

One of the department’s major challenges has been irregular expenditure of municipal grants. To avert the situation, Minister Nkwinti has taken an initiative to engage National Treasury and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs to address the perennial problem of billions of municipal grant funds.

Turning to some of the department’s major projects Nkwinti has prioritised the raising of the Clanwilliam Dam Wall noting that budgetary constraints should not be seen as a hindrance to the project as well as the Giyani Intervention Project.

Nkwinti is also set to improve the department’s performance by streamlining the organogram of the department pending engagement with unions.


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