Hino South Africa has cut the retail selling prices of all its replacement parts by 4% in an effort to help fleet owners lower operating costs.

Stable parts supply is critical to truck operators in controlling costs as downtime due to a lack of the correct part is very costly. Sudesh Sanilall, Senior Manager: Aftersales of Hino SA says if the manufacturer lowers the cost of parts while maintaining its excellent supply rate, this will be a real win for its customers.

Improved efficiencies

“Therefore we are able to take this price-cutting initiative, which is made possible by improved efficiencies in all aspects of our parts operation,” Sanilall adds.

“We certainly don’t want to jeopardise the excellent score of 96% or more we have received consistently for parts supply in the quarterly Scott Byers Comparative Customer Experience survey and we are sure this aspect will not suffer.

Sanilall notes that the move is in line with Hino’s successful global Total Support strategy where one of the pillars is increasing uptime by decreasing downtime and reducing the cost of ownership for customers.

Reaffirming customer relationships

Hino Total Support encompasses everything involved with buying and operating a Hino truck by building and then strengthening a strong and close relationship between Hino Motors of Japan, Hino South Africa, its dealers, suppliers, and customers.

“We believe that this price reduction will be well accepted by our customers and will re-affirm our business partnership with them,” adds Sanilall.

“This strategy will also increase service and maintenance business at our dealer network, as the price reduction is coupled to a one year-over-the-counter parts warranty and a two-year warranty on parts that are purchased and fitted at a Hino dealership,” he concludes.

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