The Department of Water and Sanitation says the Northern Cape is not in any immediate danger of running out of water despite media reports that boreholes in the province have dried up.

In a statement released recently the department  said an article, which was published in the Diamond Field Advertiser, alleging that Northern Cape’s two hundred boreholes have tried up as the water table has decreased substantially was not true.

“Ground water levels have been monitored throughout the province during this drought period and the department wishes to advise that the article is not true and misleading to suggest that boreholes have dried up. While there is a sign of decline in water levels in some areas but that does not in any way mean that there is an immediate danger of running out of water,” the department explained.

Preventing over-abstraction

According to the department the most severe decrease was seen in Rebelskop borehole, where the water level decreased by approximately 10 meters, bringing it to 37 meters.

“This borehole is pumped for no more than three to four hours a day to allow time for recovery. All other boreholes are also being managed carefully to prevent over-abstraction,” the department noted.

“Currently two additional boreholes, previously kept in reserve, will be brought online by the end of July to provide additional raw drinking water to the town, funded by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant. Given the aforementioned, the domestic water supply of Sutherland is secure for the immediate future.”

Use water sparingly

“Despite currently having a sufficient domestic water supply, water users are urged to conserve water and adhere to any water restrictions at all times,” the department said.

The department added that it will continue to work with all the stakeholders in the water sector to ensure that these communities do not run out of water.

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