Management of OR Tambo International Airport has welcomed the first of about 1 600 delegates to the 10th BRICS Summit who have started arriving in South Africa.

The BRICS Summit started today, said Bongiwe Pityi, General Manager, OR Tambo, who added that staff of the airport were working diligently in a collaborative and integrative fashion with all government agencies behind the scenes on operational readiness and contingency planning.

Leigh Gunkel-Keuler, Spokesperson OR Tambo added, “We are always acutely aware that OR Tambo International Airport delivers the first impressions of South Africa to international visitors and we have prepared accordingly. For the BRICS Summit we also need to accommodate hundreds of delegates with VIP, diplomatic or other status.”

She noted that a globally recognised event such as the BRICS Summit required extensive collaboration between airport staff and law enforcement and other agencies stationed at the airport.

“Airport management is also most appreciative of the support provided by our staff and the relevant government agencies to ensure seamless facilitation of dignitaries and the overall safety and security of delegates.

“We wish delegates a successful summit and hope that they will return soon for business, tourism or both,” said Gunkel-Keuler.