The Department of Water and Sanitation has lifted the water restrictions imposed on the Olifants River System since October 2017.

Seasonal rainfall has significantly increased levels in the Clanwilliam Dam to 99.7%. In line with the Government Gazette that stipulates water restrictions should be lifted should the system recover to 85% and above the department has taken the decision to lift the restrictions.

For a period of three years, the Olifants River System and other water systems in the Western Cape were severely constrained by the lower-than normal rainfall that had drawn down the dam levels.

“In a bid to curb excessive use and stretch water security the department imposed water restrictions for domestic, industry and agricultural use. Due to severe drought in the region, the department in consultation with all water users in the Olifants Catchment and imposed restrictions in October as follows: 40% on industrial use, 50% on domestic use and 60% on agricultural use.

“The lifting of these restrictions applies to both Cederberg and Matzikama municipalities. The Clanwilliam Dam supplies these towns with water: Citrusdal, Clanwilliam and Vredendal,”the department notes.