Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs Barbara Thomson is set to embark on a clean-up campaign around the streets and beaches of eThekwini ahead of the 8th Greenest Municipality Competition (GMC) to be held in Durban on Tuesday 14 August 2018.

As the world recognises the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and our oceans, Deputy Minister Thomson will lead a clean-up campaign that will take place in Durban central and the Blue Lagoon Mangroves.

The clean-up will be followed by visits to the Clermont and Westmead buy back centres, and the Greenest Municipality Competition awards ceremony where Thomson will recognise the efforts of municipalities in addressing environmental protection, social upliftment and economic growth.

In an effort to maintain a clean City, the eThekwini Municipality last year launched an operation called Khuculul’iTheku. This is a long term multiplier clean-up campaign aimed at creating a clean environment and a sustainable city. The City undertakes education campaigns working with schools, taxi associations and informal settlements to ensure anti-litter message gets out to communities.

“Operation Khuculul’iTheku has yielded positive results to make Durban clean and environmental-friendly. It is ensuring that the level of cleanliness in the city improved drastically.”

The Competition has evolved into a significant contributor towards a collective response to the challenges posed by climate change and the government’s course towards a sustainable future. It focuses on sustainable development in areas such good waste management practices, efficient energy use, sustainable water use, public participation and best practice of municipal leadership.

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