The City of Ekurhuleni has distanced itself from a 240 litre wheelie bin tender scam doing the rounds.

According to the city, the perpetrators of this criminal act allegedly send possible service providers an appointment letter bearing the city’s logo, together with a fraudulently generated order number, that supposedly comes from the city.

Service providers are then requested to deposit a certain amount of money and they are told to deliver the 240 litre wheelie bins at 47 Van Buuren Road in Bedfordview.

“This is a scam and the city distances itself from it. An investigation is currently ongoing to establish if there is any involvement of the city’s officials in this scam.

“Entrepreneurship is highly encouraged and supported by the city and any organisation or individuals that seek to exploit aspirant entrepreneurs will be exposed,” it said.

“The city is fully committed to transparency on any information related to business and procurement. Such information is free and available to the public,” it said

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