The Department of Water and Sanitation, as the main funder of the Nooitgedacht Low Level Scheme Water Project, has announced that it is fully committed to finalising the project to benefit the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay.

The department has now increased the financial allocation for the Nooitgedagt Water Project from R117 million to R129 million for the 2018/19 financial year. The DWS noted that the implementation of the project has not gone as fast as planned due to budget cuts by National Treasury and competing needs of the country.

Earlier this year workers downed tools after not being paid, halting the crucial project which is set to add 70 ML of water to the Nelson Mandela Bay’s supply.

The DWS stated that it fully appreciates the anticipated completion of this project due to the current drought challenges in Nelson Mandela Bay, however, due processes and National Treasury prescripts need to be followed.

Once completed, the Nooitgedacht Water Project will play a pivotal role in addressing the current water shortages in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Algoa Water Supply System, supplying water to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and surrounding areas, has seen a serious decline during the ongoing drought. Concerningly, predictions by the South Africa Weather Services do not indicate any significant rainfalls in catchment areas in the next six months.

The Eastern Cape DWS has since announced plans to introduce 80% water restrictions to avert a looming disaster of the absence of water in several towns in the Gamtoos Valley.

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