Grundfos for Well Drillers is a beneficial programme providing the best knowledge, training and tools to ease workflows and grow businesses. It’s about working smarter, thanks to product innovation.

Ambition is a core value instilled in the work and culture at Grundfos. Our aim is to ensure the best water supply worldwide, which can only be realised in collaboration with leading professionals. Therefore, your business is our business and we want to play an active part in your success.

Grundfos for Well Drillers provides you with a fast and simple way to boost your well drilling skills. Completely tailored to a common well driller’s need, the beneficial programme offers on-the-go tools, professional training and business support, and countless networking opportunities. Member benefits include:

Training and networking events

We want to get to know you and your business challenges. Therefore, as a member of Grundfos for Well Drillers, you will receive invitations to training and networking events with our professionals, or at your
nearest distributor.

Special offers and product news

As a member of Grundfos for Well Drillers, you will be the first to know about our new submersible products, intelligent control and monitoring solutions, as well as special promotions in the market.

Business support

We offer a direct hotline for technical support, accessible to all members of Grundfos for Well Drillers.

Tips and tricks

Access tips and tricks on how to strengthen your business, e.g. through optimising your online presence and getting to know your customer base.

Furthermore, on the Grundfos for Well Drillers website, you can access expert knowledge through brochures, manuals and a series of ‘meet-the-expert’ videos. Here, experienced professionals share their best tips and tricks on how to ensure maximum optimisation when working with Grundfos pumps and solutions.

We know the water industry

With more than 70 years of experience as an innovative frontrunner within the domestic and commercial groundwater business, Grundfos is setting the standard for water solutions all over the world today.

We take pride in being responsible, thinking ahead and being innovative while dealing with the world’s water challenges – just as we take pride in adding value to what you do and to what we can do together. We build strong partnerships with all our customers, partners and suppliers, and Grundfos for Well Drillers is part of our efforts to build such a relationship with well drillers around the world, while benefiting your business.

Adapting for the future

The world is ever changing and so is the water industry. Yet different parts of the world experience different challenges regarding water. Our global presence ensures that we are ready to assist you in whatever challenges you meet, wherever you are. And with Grundfos for Well Drillers, you have easy access to our knowledge and assistance.

Some challenges are global, such as digitalisation, which will not bypass the water industry. And as intelligence and integration in pump solutions increase, so does the skill set needed to keep up with the demands of both customers and technology. With Grundfos for Well Drillers, we provide you with the information and training you need in order to select, install and maintain the best, state-of-the-art pump solutions for your customers – beneficial to you, your customers, and us.

Forestalling Day Zero

Other challenges are local, such as the current South African drought, said to be the worst in more than 100 years, with Cape Town facing a potential scenario referred to as ‘Day Zero’, when the dams run dry. If this were to occur, it would leave Cape Town without
tap water.

Capetonians are increasingly shifting their focus from the skies to the ground. Rather than looking up in hopes of a long-awaited supply of rainwater (or divine intervention), they are now looking down, hoping to find drought relief in the Cape Flats, Table Mountain and Atlantis aquifers. Extracting water from the large, natural underground reservoirs can potentially provide Cape Town with an extra 150 Mℓ/day of water, combined.

But well drilling is not entirely new to Capetonians. With currently more than 22 000 registered boreholes, Cape Town’s citizens are already making use of the underground water; however, for the City of Cape Town, drilling for groundwater is a first in history. And the increasing focus on groundwater in South African public water supply can create an interesting business opportunity for well drillers. Because when you do something new, you want to do it right, meaning that expert knowledge on well drilling and groundwater extraction is likely to become an increasingly valuable asset in the South African
water industry.

Get ahead with Grundfos for Well Drillers

At Grundfos, we have a long history of providing groundwater pump solutions, especially for public water supply. We offer complete systems with pumps, controls and motor protection with high efficiency and low operational costs, never jeopardising a steady water supply.

The SP pump is one of the strongest candidates in this field; it represents state-of-the-art hydraulic design and is built to deliver optimum efficiency during periods of high demand. This submersible pump is renowned for its reliability, efficiency and durability. Once installed underground, it will keep going for years on end, requiring virtually no maintenance, which makes it of great value for the water works.

The SP pump is one of several topics on which the Grundfos for Well Drillers advantage programme offers extensive information and training videos, helping you dig into the new business opportunity brought about by the increased focus on groundwater supply in Cape Town.

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