Desalination has been proven to effectively generate new and reliable water supplies. Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) and emergency water specialist Osmoflo have now collaborated to bring desalination solutions to South Africa.

QFS has supplied membrane water treatment equipment to the South African market since 1999, and offers the latest technology for desalination pretreatment. QFS has partnered with Osmoflo, an international desalination equipment supplier, to assist South Africans with the current water crisis in the Western Cape.

Osmoflo has one of the largest global fleets of emergency water treatment plants available for fast-track and rapid deployment projects, enabling the company to provide immediate assistance around the world.

As a progressive water treatment company, Osmoflo provides tailored, turnkey water, water recycling and water reuse solutions across the industrial, resources and municipal sectors globally.

With a strong reputation for supplying water treatment solutions during emergency situations, Osmoflo stands ready to offer emergency desalination plants to the South African market.

“We are particularly aware of the dire situation facing some municipalities in South Africa. Through our global fleet of water treatment plants, we have the equipment available to provide immediate potable water assistance. Osmoflo is able to offer these water treatment options to potential clients as a fast-track solution, to meet emergency water requirements. We can also provide turnkey solutions for mining, energy, construction and general industry purposes,” says Bobby Watson, Senior Operations Manager: MENA, Osmoflo.

Emergency water solutions for South Africa

With a fleet of emergency water treatment equipment that includes sea and brackish water desalination plants, any emergency water requirement can be met. These plants are strategically located around the world to service a global market and ensure rapid deployment to meet the demands of fast-track projects.

Osmoflo plants are able to support the potable water augmentation efforts of Cape Town. With an immediate capability to provide seawater desalination plants, this has the potential to provide daily potable water supply to countless people within drought-stricken areas of South Africa.

Osmoflo can also provide conservation and recycling solutions to the South African mining sector, including Osmoflo’s patented Brine Squeezer technology. This offers high-recovery water treatment and can also be used in acid mine drainage treatment applications. The company’s emergency water and water reuse solutions are suited to a variety of applications and can be provided in a range of sizes and options.

Potable water supply to communities

Countless communities have benefitted from potable water supplies made available through the treatment of water using Osmoflo solutions. A specific example of this is the Barka water treatment project in Oman, Osmoflo’s largest project to date, where a 56.8 MLD desalination plant was provided for ACWA Power Barka. The plant provides excellent-quality potable water for up to 250 000 people in Oman – an invaluable water source for this community, in an environment where water is scare and consumption has increased rapidly in recent years.

This project was delivered in record time, with potable water being produced within nine months of project award and full production capacity achieved in approximately 12 months.

Desalination and water recycling/reuse has proven to be effective and successful in creating a new and reliable water supply. This creates sustainable long-term solutions that lower the demand for natural resources, improve water quality, reduce operating costs for business and industry, can eliminate charges associated with discharge and help clients implement water saving measures in their communities, business and operations.

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