A new Statistics Brief from International Association of Public Transport (UITP) demonstrates that public transport is getting smarter with the ongoing advancement of video surveillance.

The brief “International trends in video surveillance: public transport gets smarter” demonstrates the development of digitalisation in the sector.

According to the brief, video surveillance is a widely used technology in public transport – with security and digitalisation aligning to accelerate modern advancements.

This brief also shows that it is a solution increasingly valued by staff, as well as passengers.

“This study is an excellent demonstration of how digitalisation is having a positive impact on public transport. Thanks to the rapid maturing of these advanced technologies and techniques, operators are even better equipped to provide excellent customer service, and to keep public transport safe and secure for our staff and passengers,” said Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, UITP.

In 2015, together with industry expert Axis Communications, UITP conducted a survey among public transport organisations to get an understanding of video surveillance in the sector. As technology advances, the survey was repeated in 2017-2018, allowing an analysis of the evolution of this technology – and giving an indication of future trends.

“The findings in the research shows the use of intelligence in larger surveillance systems in more places than ever before. Further, the use of real-time video as a central tool during incidents is growing, which supports faster positive outcomes. Both of these trends combined contributes to a smarter and safer public transport world.”

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