The 10th Annual Road Safety Summit is set to take place later this year with the aim of promoting the road safety dialogue between government departments.

The two-day conference, which will be held on the 7, & 8 November 2018, at the CSIR, Pretoria, will look at pertinent issues in the field of road safety with the goal if working towards better implantation of safety measures.

Some of the issues on the agenda for this edition include:

  • An international presentation on promoting road safety education and enhancing learner routes
  • Assessing the UN decade of action for road safety 2011-2020 and South Africa’s progress
  • Traffic Monitoring and management through intelligent traffic surveillance Identifying ways to increase visible traffic policing and adequate resources
  • Reintroduction of the evidentiary Breath Alcohol Testing (EBAT) The role of the SAPS, Traffic Police and or Metro Police after a road accident
  • Evaluating Public transportation and its contribution on road accident statistics
  • Refocusing road engineering, infrastructure development and road safety strategy towards implementation of a safe systems approach

The conference will also feature an interactive plenary session on current implementation challenges and solutions facilitated by the Department of Transport and the informative workshop which will look at crash testing investigations, facilitated by Philip Purnell, HOD of Public Affairs from the Automobile Associations of South Africa.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • National Department of Transport,
  • RTMC,
  • Gauteng Department of Community Safety,
  • Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport,
  • Eastern Cape Department of Transport,
  • Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department,
  • City of Polokwane,
  • Road Safety Great Britain, United Kingdom.

To register for the conference contact Mbali on 0113262501, e-mail or visit


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