Mars Multisales Africa, a division of Mars Incorporated, has partnered with Mpact to implement a revolutionary new modular packaging policy designed to cut costs, increase packing efficiency, and reduce waste.

The initiative, which forms part of the company’s global “Sustainable in a Generation” Plan, has helped the company save more than 355 tonnes of paper, and enough water to supply more than 235 households per year.

Sustainable in a Generation

The “Sustainable in a Generation” is designed to make tangible, scientifically-based changes to the way Mars Incorporated does business globally. To achieve these changes, the company is set to invest $1 billion over the next few years to accelerate progress against urgent threats to sustainability.

“When this programme launched globally last year, we were inspired by the ambitious vision of Mars,” said Brian Ayling, General Manager of Mars Multisales Africa. “We’ve implemented various programmes in South Africa, across the continent and globally to make sure we’re playing our part to reach these important goals.”

Zero waste to landfill

Since the implementation of this plan, Mars has hit a number of key global milestones however; Ayling says the company is incredibly proud of the changes it has enacted locally that are making a huge difference for the lives of South Africans.

“All our local and regional manufacturing facilities are Zero Waste to Landfill sites. Beyond this, we continue to find solutions to address water scarcity at our Food manufacturing plant in Cape Town.

“These actions are just the start of a strong commitment to sustainability,” concludes Ayling. “We are excited to do our part to substantially transform the world we live in to a more sustainable one within our lifetime,” he concludes.

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