The City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority has started with the environmental and land use planning process for a proposed housing project in Bonteheuwel.

This was revealed following a recent public meeting at the Bonteheuwel Civic Centre. The City said that it had committed itself to facilitating the proposed housing development of subsidised opportunities on specific sites identified within Bonteheuwel.

“The project will be known as the Bonteheuwel Housing Project with the objective to provide housing opportunities for qualifying beneficiaries on the Bonteheuwel waiting list.”

The meeting, which was hosted by the TDA’s Human Settlement Implementation Branch and Public Engagement Department in collaboration with the Public Participation Department, also saw the election of a Project Steering Committee for the Bonteheuwel Housing Project.

“This was the third public engagement with the community of Bonteheuwel (Ward 50 and Ward 31) regarding the project. There were 130 community members present at the public meeting and 12 Project Steering Committee members were elected,” the city explained.

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