The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has identified culvert infrastructure at West Road within West Road, Greymont, between 8th street and 5th street in Greymont that is in desperate need of rehabilitation.  

“The inspection revealed that a major culvert structure is in a poor condition with severe erosion on embankments,” the JRA explained in statement.

“The scour has exposed erodible founding material of outlet structures and there is severe vegetation upstream and downstream as well as severe erosion of the concrete material supporting the apron slab.  This level of erosion necessitates closure of the bridge until rehabilitation work is completed.”

Road closure

JRA’s Acting Managing Director, Goodwill Mbatha added that the safety of road users was the JRA’s priority.

“Due to the age of the culvert and diminished capacity, West Road major culvert is deemed unsafe for use. The continued use of this overhead carriageway leaves the motorists at risk because of imminent collapse.”

The bridge will be closed for safety reasons on Wednesday, 30th October 2018 and will be added to the bridge rehabilitation program.

Traffic Advisory

“A traffic detour plan will be put in place to collect traffic on 6th Road for residents travelling to the west of Greymont from the east to the principal minor arterial, long street.  Motorists are urged to adhere to traffic guidelines and signage,” the JRA concluded.

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