Media personality, Anele Mdoda is calling on South Africans to step up and make their contribution towards  rectifying the dire sanitation situation in some of the country’s schools.

Speaking at the first ever Flush Forum, hosted by Unilever’s toilet hygiene brand, Domestos, on Monday Mdoda urged South Africa to do better for its children.

In a video shared on social media last week the radio host was confronted with the harsh reality of the situation faced by many students around the country, which promoted her to call on the country to contribute to her crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds for the Domestos’ Cleaner Toilets Brighter Future campaign.

She kicked off the campaign by donating R10 000 which was matched by Domestos. Within minutes of this announcement, there was an outpour of support received from businesses, consumers and organisations around the country who wanted to lend a hand to help restore dignity to South African children.

Skills and resources welcome

The donations and support received were diverse and ranged from money to products and resources as well as expertise and skills from relevant industries such as engineering and innovative sanitation technology solutions.

“There is nothing comfortable about the fact that the children in this country can walk into a toilet and are faced with feces and urine on the floor and they need to navigate in school shoes, that they may not have. This is not a Domestos problem, or a government problem. It’s an everybody problem. We have to be better,”Mdoda said in her address.

Make a contribution  

Delegates at the Flush Forum were also moved to contribute including Unilever’s Luc-Olivier Marquet who, in his personal capacity donated R20 000 and Programme Director of the event, Lynette Ntuli, who pledged R5 000.

By the end of the day, the total contributions in cash and kind were standing at over R700 000,00 and were well on the way to meeting the goal of R1.1 million. The campaign will continue for the next 60 days and donations can be made at


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