A South African non-profit organisation is about to make history as the first organisation of its kind to co-direct a water scarcity documentary with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Speaking at a water leadership stakeholder lunch held in Cape Town last week UNESCO scientist and documentary director, Dr Pablo Garcia-Chevesich formally invited Shelley Humphreys Executive Director of the SOSNPO to be involved in the directing of the documentary, “Waterwise: How not to drain a country”, which is intended to be aired on Netflix next year.

Commenting on the achievement Humphreys says the organisation is totally overwhelmed by the opportunity to be involved in the project with UNESCO.

“Each and every individual has a role to play in achieving a water-secure future, and this documentary is going to go a long way in educating people around the world on the scale of the crisis.”

Proud partners

In August 2018, SOSNPO received confirmation as a partner NPO to UNESCO in the specialist area of water. “It is a huge honour to have our daily actions and hard work recognised by such a respected organisation,” says Humphreys. SOSNPO will also feature in the documentary and has to date contributed to the research for the project.

Humphreys says that SOSNPO set out in March 2018 to help meet the water needs of a growing South African population, creating sustainable water solutions in schools and communities, whilst simultaneously protecting the natural environment and reducing pollution.

W12 Conference

Meanwhile the organisation is also set to welcome representatives from the twelve leading water-scarce cities to Cape Town in May 2019 for the inaugural W12 conference which aims to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change and the role all citizens have to find solutions for survival in a water scarce world.

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