Africa’s demand for energy is steadily increasing and solutions to meet this growth have become a major concern among energy sector leaders.

The continent’s per capita energy consumption is growing faster than that of any other continent, owed largely to increased infrastructure, investment and political stability. In addition the continent’s ever-growing population and increasing standards of living are putting significant pressure on the demand for affordable energy.

Growing communities require additional energy to accommodate their rising numbers, as does a developing economy to support its growth through manufacturing and consumption activities.

African Energy Ministers and large energy company CEOs will be discussing and unpacking what the future game changers for the Africa energy sector will be and how to meet the escalating demand for energy at the Africa Energy Indaba taking place on the 19 – 20 February 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The discussions will form part of the Indaba conference and will attract keen interest from parties able to provide solutions to meet the demand.  The importance of technology in an evolving energy sector will be explored as the impact of digitisation can play a significant role in the implementation of energy access.

The format will be panel discussions, providing opportunity for audience participation, culminating in some key findings and solutions.


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