Tracking non-powered assets like containers, trailers and packages has just become easier thanks to a newly launched ultra-compact GPS tracking device.

Ctrack’s range of BX500 and BX600 wireless, ultra-compact GPS tracking devices are ideal for use in cars, trucks and motorbikes, quads, golf carts, delivery vans and generators.

Both BX models are ultra-compact, meaning they can be concealed in cargo easily and both have enough memory to record 25 000 trips.

Intelligent solution

Featuring adaptive tracking, these devices make use of accelerometers as well as data from GPS transmitters, to intelligently detect movements and send live updates.

Either model can be scaled to provide continuous tracking information or just once a day in order to preserve internal battery life.

Both tracking devices are enclosed in rugged housings that are made from sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastics.

Ctrack’s BX units can be remotely configured and updated over the air and, using a single micro-SIM, can be configured to roam across multiple 2G, 3G or 4G networks in South Africa.

Keeping in touch with your business

With either of these devices, business owners can now be in control of every aspect of their business, knowing where all their assets are and whether they have been moved or not.

“Game farm and nature reserve managers now also have the ability to see where their mobile assets are when out in the field.

Furthermore, those needing to better optimise and control their mobile assets – like delivery motorcycles – can also benefit from Ctrack’s lightweight tracking solutions,” the company notes.

“By simply dropping the Ctrack BX devices into a bag or cargo hold, Ctrack can discreetly show you where your assets or deliveries are going, as well as how to better plan their next movements,” it adds.

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