The Department of Water and Sanitation has officially launched the advanced infrastructure for the Mzimvubu Water Project in the Eastern Cape.

The project aims to accelerate the social and economic upliftment of communities through the creation of job opportunities, the supply of potable for domestic and industrial use, and the supply of raw water for irrigated agriculture as well as hydropower generation.

The construction of the advance infrastructure for the project will take approximately 9 months to complete t a total will cost of R113 million.

Speaking at the launch Minister of Water and Sanitation Gugile Nkwinti, said the department would rely on its internal resources for the construction of the project.

“The Department of Water and Sanitation will use its internal Construction Unit to construct the access roads and the entire project. It will only look for skills outside when the required skills are not available within the department,” Nkwinti said.

On the topic of skills development the minister called on engineering students to take advantage of the learning and development opportunities that come with the construction of the project.

He also appealed to community development workers to engage with the Project Oversight Committee in identifying people with skills in various fields, because the local community is expected to benefit tin terms of jobs that will be created and sub-contracting where possible.

The Mzimvubu Water Project has been classified as a Strategic Integrated Project to facilitate the allocation of sufficient water resources.

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