While StatsSA’s 2016 General Household Survey estimated that 88.8% of South African households have access to piped water, less than half the population is believed to have water piped directly to their homes.

Although most households in South Africa have the necessary infrastructure to supply water, StatsSA approximated that only 46.4% of South African households have water piped to their homes, with 26.8% having access to water on their property, and 13.3% needing to share a communal tap. Adding to this challenge is the fact that South Africa is the 39th driest country in the world in terms of average rainfall.

Aquastats data from the United Nations shows that although South Africa has more renewable freshwater sources than Botswana and Namibia, the distribution of these sources is limited. As a result, only 822.2 m3 of fresh water is available to every person in South Africa – far less than our drier neighbours Botswana and Namibia, where each person has access to 1 061 m3 and 2 505 m3, respectively.

With such limited access, it is more important than ever for society to optimise its use of its precious water sources, particularly through methods such as groundwater abstraction and wastewater reuse.

Getting the right solutions 

Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) has been involved in a number of groundbreaking projects in groundwater abstraction and wastewater reuse, playing a significant role in changing the statistics.

QFS offers predesigned, containerised solutions that can be installed with minimal site work and can supply water at low costs. With its readily deployable systems, QFS can help supply communities with limited water supply within a short turnaround time.

“We have the ability to enhance the water needed by society. These systems can be applied to non-potable boreholes, treated effluent water, water storage systems, reservoirs, affected natural water sources, water effluent generated by industries, and various other sources. From cities to distant towns and villages, QFS can readily deploy the solutions needed to alleviate the needs over all spheres of society,” says Herman Smit, managing director, QFS.

He continues: “Society needs experts who can help in boosting its understanding of water resources and how to utilise them optimally. With 22 years in the water industry, QFS is playing its part in advising and assisting society in its thirst for water-related knowledge.”

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