After service delivery protests left Alexandra shutdown, Inter-Ministerial Task Team on Service Delivery (IMTT) met in Pretoria to discuss a short term action plan, in response to the issues raised by the community of Alexandra.

The short term action plan aims to addresses immediate and basic service delivery issues within the next six months.

IMTT says the relevant sphere of government will work with communities of Alexandra within this time to:

  • Embark on an intensive clean-up campaign, including poorly kept cemeteries and over-gown vegetation on the side of the roads
  • Fix sewerage spillage into the streets
  • Address the proliferation of illegal shacks and other structures that are contravening municipal by-laws
  • Address the high crime rate and proliferation of large illegal weapons used in robbery and murder, making Alexandra too dangerous to raise families.

The action plan comes after an outbreak of protests in the area over the past two weeks.

The community raised concerns regarding inadequate housing, high crime rates, lack of refuse removal and poor service delivery.

The protest brought into question Alexandra Renewal Project, which was established to improve the physical, economic and social environment of Alexandra.

The project was described as a joint urban regeneration project involving the local, provincial and national government as well as the private sector, non-government and community-based organisations.

IMTT reported after their meeting that the short action plan will look to resolve these pressing issues and that work is already being done to better Alexandra.

Parallel to the short term action plan, a medium term plan is proposed to be developed in partnership with communities, the private sector, research institutions and government.

It will use Alexandra and its surrounding areas as a model to develop a post-apartheid city, using existing frameworks such as the Integrated Urban Development Framework, the National Development Plan, the Gauteng Spatial Development Framework and the Municipal Spatial Development Framework.


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