A small group of residents in Lenasia South took to the streets on Tuesday morning, to demonstrate their anger over illegal land occupation in the area.

Residents barricaded roads, demanding police to destroy structures built in Extension 4.

Lenasia South Residents Association’s Joy Govender told EWN that people are coming from all over.

“We’ve got people that are coming from outside, it obviously is politically aligned, we’ve got people from here, people from the ANC, all different political parties and a student learner body and they’ve marked off the land.”

Motorists were urged to exercise caution and preferably avoid the area.

This is not the first time that Lenasia South residents have protested against alleged land grabs.

In September last year, at least 60 residents burned tyres and blocked roads with rubble to protest against people allegedly selling plots of land in open fields.

The area was also rocked by protest action in 2017, with residents alleging that illegal land grabbers are motivated by greed.

They alleged that land grabbers occupied the land and sold it for an exorbitant amount.

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