Johannesburg city manager, Ndivhoniswani Lukhwareni maintains that the claims that his administration is not providing services in Alexandra are not true.

Lukhwareni was testifying at the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) inquiry on Tuesday.

The inquiry, led by SAHRC and Public Protector, is looking into human rights and service delivery problems in the township.

This follows a shut down by the community protesting against lack of service delivery.

Last month, Alexandra residents went on a two-week protest to highlight their grievances, which prompted officials, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, to step in.

Residents issues are namely; a lack a proper sanitation, lack of housing, land invasions and lack of refuse collection, leaving residents in filth.

Lukhwareni dismissed any allegations that the city has neglected the people of Alexandra.

“There was a question which seemed to say that since 2016 the level of services has dropped, which might not be necessarily the case. As I sit here, the household waste is still collected 7 days a week and the issue of illegal dumping happens Monday to Friday, but that service does that happen.”

He provided various slides to the commission as part of the proof that the city is busy with several projects in the area.

He further told the commission that while the city has electricity and infrastructure projects in the township, there is a challenge of vandalism.

“The worst case is that the infrastructure was there, destroyed and repaired again then it gets destroyed again. Would the commission then think we would have enough resources to keep going through this cycle?”

He even dismissed claims by the community that the metro police is failing to deal with land invasions.


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