The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has pledged to continue supporting Makana municipality in ensuring water security, as well as in the operation and maintenance of its water treatment works.

To this end, the DWS will be transferring R22 Million to Makanda Local Municipality for the sole purpose of assisting them to deal with drought challenges in the area, especially in the town of Makhanda.

“The manner in which that money is spent is the responsibility of the concerned municipality and the department does not dictate or interfere with how that money is spent and which service providers are used,” the department said in a statement.

This come after NGO, Gift of the Givers withdrew its humanitarian assistance from the town of Makhanda.

The department said in a statement that it appreciates the amount of work done by the Gift of the Givers in the area.

“We believe that the drilling of boreholes will go a long way in assisting government’s efforts to avert shortage of water for the community of Makhanda.”

The department further said it hopes that whatever differences exist between Makana Local Municipality and the Gift of the Givers can be resolved as speedily, “so that the work that we are all discharged with can continue as fast as possible without any delays.”

“And without compromising the municipality’s supply chain processes.”

The Department of Water and Sanitation is mandated by the National Water Act to support Makana Local Municipality in ensuring water security in and have pledged to continue to assist them.


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