Western Cape Province has entered its winter rainy season once again; this was seen with the earlier heavy downpours across the City of Cape Town and the surroundings. 

Sputnik Ratau, spokesperson from the National Department of Water and Sanitation says the rain intensified through the early hours of Monday morning, battering the Cape with strong downpours.

“The downpours will hopefully turn around the dam levels and recharge the ground water levels of the Western Cape,” says Ratau.

According to the latest dam levels report released on Monday, the Western Cape dams are in a better state as compared to same time last year.

The Western Cape Water Supply System (WCWWS) which comprises 6 largest dams is currently at 45.44 % as compared to 20, 65% at the same time last year.

Gamka Dam located in the Karoo, has shown a remarkable recovery. It now stands at 43, 63% as compared to less than 10% a year ago.

Other dam levels across the province are as follows:

  • Garden Route Dam: 82.94% dam levels
  • Kwaggaskloof Dam: 20.37%
  • Bulshoek Dam: 72.47%
Ratau further stated that given the localised flooding experienced in the Western Cape, the DWS has the following safety advisory in relation to heavy rains and flooding:

  • Communities are requested to take precautions when they are crossing rivers, lakes and other water systems
  • Communities must limit recreational activities near water systems in particular when it is raining
Members of the public are urged to avoid crossing low-lying bridges, streams and rive

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