Faulty and incorrectly installed seals are among the most common causes of premature submersible pump failures. AESSEAL has developed one of the most comprehensive component seal product portfolios available, designed specifically to overcome these challenges.

A high-quality seal is essential to ensuring the longevity of pumps, saving on downtime and total cost of ownership. The AESSEAL Component Seal range has been developed over many years, and offers sealing solutions for a diverse range of industries and applications.

With some 10 000 product lines available, AESSEAL’s patented range of component seals enables 44 000 permutations to be configured. 100% compatible solutions with OEM parts and backwards compatibility ensures that products can be used with customers’ existing stock holding, and all sealing solutions can be provided direct from one source.

“Our patented, superior T05 solution is designed to help pumps operate optimally and increase mean time before failure. This is a unitised, all-steel double mechanical seal with lower overall operating costs. We use the best-quality materials for our innovative designs, while still ensuring competitive pricing models for our customers,” explains Bevan Braybrooke, key accounts manager, AESSEAL.

“Our component seals are designed with modularity at their core, allowing for faster service while also incorporating design features that reduce the lifetime cost of the product.”

AESSEAL’s T05 Series of component seals offers a quality alternative for Flygt and Grindex submersible pumps and mixers.

TO5 Series

The T05 series is the result of a global strategy to expand the company’s product range, allowing further penetration into new markets and offering to customers a more complete service, says Braybrooke.

The seals are primarily made from stainless steel and feature no plastic parts. Many also benefit from the use of monolithic seal faces. “This range requires no pump modifications and no special fitting tools. The majority of the designs also have a pre-set working length with removable clips. In fact, AESSEAL offers one of the largest ranges of single-spring mechanical seals in the industry,” Braybrooke adds.

These innovative designs, which significantly reduce the likelihood of incorrect installation by ensuring even face loading, are particularly important in places like South Africa, where installation is often conducted by bluecollar workers.

“Our products offers a lower total cost of ownership, backed up by excellent customer service, providing seals that last longer, work better, and save on downtime,” comments Braybrooke.

“Our TO5 seals have been installed on various Flygt submersible pumps in numerous applications, particularly sewage pumping stations, dramatically increasing the mean time between failure rates.”

There is also a TO5VC range available, which offers plug-and-play solutions for quick and easy installation. The cartridge-type design features a fully integrated sleeve and pumping device and is made entirely from stainless steel.

Reliable service

To ensure quick and reliable service, AESSEAL has embraced technology and inventoried its seals in state-of-the-art, computer-controlled carousel systems, automating customer order processing. The company’s online product selector tool also allows users to specify a mechanical seal via a simple multiplechoice method.

“Our seals are standardised to fit pre-existing pumps. All we need is the pump model number or OEM seal code and we can match it to our seals. We keep a large amount of stock in our warehouses globally and if we don’t have a product on hand, we can source it in as little as one to two weeks,”  says Braybrooke.

All of the seals used in South Africa are manufactured in the United Kingdom, using parts sourced globally from the group’s extensive network.

Global backing

One of the biggest advantages behind AESSEAL’s offering is the support of a global network. Customer service is provided from 230 locations in 104 countries, including nine manufacturing and 58 repair locations. With an employee compliment of more than 1 700 worldwide, more than 300 AESSEAL customer service representatives visit industrial plants every day.

Over 7% of the group’s annual sales revenue has been reinvested in R&D over several decades, leading to an advanced range of sealing technology that allows customers to improve the reliability of their existing equipment without any modifications.

Every seal is developed using advanced computational facilities and numerical tools to design and optimise seal performance. All products are designed in 3D CAD, which is fully integrated with CAM. CAM controls and drives all machine tools centrally, while integration with PLM ensures control of changes so that products can be delivered quickly, affordably and repeatedly.

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