Pick n Pay has launched a ‘nude wall’ with a wide range of package-free fruit and vegetables in 13 stores across South Africa.

This is in an effort to deal with plastic waste.

The company’s marketing retail executive John Bradshaw says this is the direction in which the world is moving and customers have asked for more options so that they can use less plastic.

“Plastic waste remains a concern for many customers, and this trial will give them the choice to shop for more everyday fruit and vegetables free from plastic packaging,” Pick n Pay said on Monday.

“So we wanted to get this going, we are putting in 12 products which would normally have packaging on it, packaging performs a function, but we think through managing the supply chain can have the products ready fresh. And we are hoping that the customers will respond to that.”

Bradshaw added that Pick n Pay will launch this initiative on products like mushrooms, chillies, cocktail tomatoes, sweet corn and baby brinjals.

“It will be available to all these kind of things that you might normally catch in little packaging and is available loose on the shelves. The is a free brown bag that you can use in store so that you don’t have to use plastic bags.”

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