Icebergs the size of Table Mountain could be floating past Cape Town’s coastline in the next few years – in a bid to solve the city’s water shortage.

Expert marine salvager Nick Sloane is determined to send an iceberg to the water scarce Western Cape.

He has conducted research into the plan with a team of scientists, engineers and marine experts and has come to the conclusion that in the next five years it will be possible to bring an iceberg to the province.

Sloane said the project would cost R2.78 billion per iceberg and that he was speaking to external funders as he doesn’t want the cost of the project to burden taxpayers.

Sloane said around 150 million litres of water per day could be captured from the icebergs and pumped into the City of Cape Town as well as Saldanha Bay.

“We’ll capture the natural run-off, which would be about 60 million litres a day and we’ll use machinery to increase that to 150 million litres a day.

“That’s pure water every day for a year at about five to six cents a litre,” he added.

The businessman plans to trial the project’s viability first by towing a smaller iceberg to one of two cities – Cape Town, or Perth in Australia.

During an interview with Euronews, Alshehi said that the preliminary testing for this project may cost as much as $80-million.

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