The weekly report issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has shown some water levels declining in our major dams.

The combined average of dam levels in the Eastern Cape dropped to 56.6% compared to 56.9% the previous week. The area of most concern is the Amathole District Municipality where drought is still visible and its dams are affected badly.

To mention few major dams serving ADM and surrounding communities, Rooikrantz Dam decreased from 55.2% to 53.6%, Xilinxa Dam serving Butterworth dropped badly to 9.2% compared to 10.0% , Bridle Drift Dam improved slightly from 43.3% to 43.7% and Nahoon Dam also declined to stand at 72.1% compared to 73.3% last week.

Algoa Water Supply with dams serving Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is sitting at 42.6% as compared to 43.0 %, due to there being no catchment. The major contributing factor in this situation is the scarcity of rain during the winter period and drought consequences that have a huge impact on our dams.

Dams such as Impofu declined to 21.6%, Kouga Dam is sitting at 44.0% this week and Loerie Dam also declined to 60.2%.

DWS is thus encouraging communities to adhere to water restrictions issued by their municipalities and report water leakages.

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