The Department of Water and Sanitation moved a step closer to constituting the Anti-Pollution Task Team (APTT) which will deal with escalating incidents of pollution across the country.

The intention to establish the Task Team emanates from a call by the Department’s Deputy Minister David Mahlobo in July during his policy and budget policy statement.

Deputy Minister said the Task Team would conduct a nation-wide assessment of the status of water quality throughout the value chain and not just at source.

The call by Mahlobo comes in the back of various parts of the country being fagged for contamination of water courses, including rivers.

This contamination has a potential to negatively impact on the lives of water around the water courses. Through the Department’s Water Quality Management, the Task Team will mainly look at preventing pollution from the source to obviate the potential of having tap water being polluted.

The work towards establishing the APTT formed an essential part of the discussion amongst DWS officials who deal with water quality management at both Head Office and Provincial Offices.

It is envisaged that the process will be signed off by Minister of Human Settlement, Water and Sanitation, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu, and Deputy Minister Mahlobo once it is completed.

The DWS believes that the Task Team will strengthen the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement functions to ensure all water users comply with standards as set out in the National Water Act and Regulations.

The Task Team is also aimed at improving service for all South Africans, whilst strengthening the protection of the environment and water resources.

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