Landfill 2019 seeks to bring the Landfill and Alternative Waste Treatment industries together to learn about the latest techniques and developments – as well as to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Landfill 2019 gives practitioners the opportunity to share ideas on a platform that encourages interaction and discussion.

During one of the slots, there will be a panel of experts consisting of Leon Grobbelaar, Interwaste & IWMSA President, Eddie Hanekom, Director of Waste Management at the Department of Environmental Affiars and Development Planning and Prof. Linda Godfrey from CSIR.

They will discuss whether landfills will continue to be our main method of waste treatment.

A further panel will showcase Mr Jan Palm from Jan Palm Consulting Engineers (JPCE) and past IWMSA president, joined by Mr Nash Dookhi from Envitech.

Their discussion will centre on “Unpacking the DWS Technical Advisory Practice Note on Capping and Closure of Waste Management Facilities”.

Apart from the enlightening and information that will be aired, these panels will give the audience an opportunity to pose questions and to take part in some meaningful debate.

Another another great event will be the Lightening Talks!

Presenters have 6 mins to present a topic – short, sharp and to the point.  This is ideal for those who are not able to present a full paper or who have conference-related ideas they wish to share.

The Landfill 2019 Conference & Exhibition details:

  • Where: The River Club Western Cape, South Africa
  • Dates: 6th and 7th of November 2019. 

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