Cape Town’s water consumption this week has exceeded the current 650 million litres per day limit.

The City’s Member of Mayoral Committee for Water and Waste, Xanthea Limberg, said dams supplying Cape Town are currently sitting at 79.7% of storage capacity.

This a drop of 1% from the previous week.

Collective water consumption for last week was up to 657 million litres per day.

“We caution residents to keep a closer eye on consumption levels over the coming weeks and react appropriately if the upward trend in consumption continues.

“Dams have now dropped slightly below the 80% mark, with the decline anticipated to accelerate over the summer months. This year so far, has been another drier-than-average year, and assuming this trend will continue, it is important society remains conscientious of its water use,” said Limberg.  

Department of Water and Sanitation has appealed to all water users to use water sparingly and to cooperate with local municipalities where water restrictions are in place in a bid to ensure uninterrupted was supply to consumers.

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