Companies around the world have been accused of adding to the worsening climate crisis by putting profits ahead of the environment.

In a list of the top-polluting companies worldwide, Break Free From Plastic said tens of thousands of plastic pieces could be traced back to a handful of multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo

While local packaging manufacturer Nampak admitted it had a long way to go, it said it was determined to forge an environmentally friendly path.

Nampak is looking towards eradicating the use of plastic in its entirety and has already put strategies in place to promote the use of cartons.

“Plastic does have a role to play in packaging, however, we need to ensure we use plastic packaging responsibly by reducing, reusing and recycling,” managing director Quinton Swart told iOL.

Swart explained Nampak is continuously researching and developing initiatives.

“This includes light weighting, enhancing recycling rates, and reducing the use of single-use plastic packaging where possible and replacing it with alternative packaging such as cartons and/or aluminium cans.

“Nampak participates in extensive recycling initiatives and continues to invest significant time and resources into the development of more sustainable products,” said Swart.

By attempting to eradicate plastic from its operations, Nampak is following the example of companies around the world who are beginning to ban plastic bags, straws and bottles.

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