Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu launched the Albany Coast Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant upgrade at the Bushman’s River Mouth Hall in Kenton-On-Sea.

The project, which was initially managed by Albany Coast Water Board, was upgraded by Amatola Water to a total cost of R18million.

The upgrade will increase production at the treatment plant by about 60%. The upgrades includes the following:

  • Increase in the Raw Water Abstraction – 5 units with a combined raw water yield between 900m³/day and 1200m³/day, is anticipated to be delivered.
  • Increase in the Raw Water Abstraction: Increase in pumping capacity at Sea well 5, by upgrading the existing 7KW pump to 13 KW. This will increase the raw water yields from 4 061 m³/day to 5 357 m³/day.
  • Increase on the Raw Water Storage: Installation of 1Mega Litre Raw Water Reservoir, to ensure that there is sufficient water, to enable continuous production.
  • Increase in Treatment Capacity: Installation of a package plant with a treatment capacity of 1 400 m³/day.

“Our intention as government is to provide water to our people and to move them out of shacks and build them proper houses with improved sanitation facilities. This means that we must invest in technology, to ensure that our vision of dignified sanitation is realised”, said Minister Sisulu.

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