As businesses start returning to limited operation, the challenge of ensuring that employees adhere to the stringent health and safety regulations, required for WHO (World Health organisation) compliance, may take its toll on management.

RGM Cranes has engineered and developed a hand sanitiser dispenser that takes the fuss out of uncompromising hand cleanliness.

“During the initial lockdown period, we set our team of engineers and various other contributors the task of developing a hand sanitising solution that would be cost effective, simple to use and which ensured that the user or operator of the unit would not need to touch the pump lever with their hands,” says Alex Dowling, CEO of RGM Cranes.

The resultant free-standing sanitising station is operated using a durable foot pump and accurately dispenses 4 millilitres of sanitiser, which is above the WHO-recommended dose of 3 millilitres.

The unit is designed to provide accurately dispensed doses and can be floor mounted, using rawl bolts, to ensure that it remains static during operation. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, the dispenser conforms to the appropriate social distancing recommendations.

The sanitiser dispenser has a number of beneficial features:

  • 20-litre sanitiser bottle is stored inside the unit and requires a lock and key for replacement. This eliminates theft of the sanitiser solution.
  • Sanitiser level indicator ensures the bottle is not allowed to run dry.
  • Discounted rates on quantities purchased.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not limited to hand sanitiser only – may also be utilised for hand wash stations.

“We are happy to discuss customisation of the dispensing units in terms of client branding. We encourage businesses to take proactive action and order their sanitising units in order to ensure the health and safety of their employees and those people they come into contact with,” says Dowling.

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