Although the countdown to day Zero no longer scares South African citizens, the current Covid-19 pandemic has put more pressure on areas that continue to live with little to no running tap water.

This means citizens in these areas are unable to practise washing their hands often to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. As most of us continue misusing water, what can we do to open our minds to the reality that South Africa is and has always been a water scarce country?

Water Heroes is an initiative driven by an experienced Water Engineer to eradicate the misconception about Day Zero. This life-changing initiative was started after seeing that once Day Zero was canceled, the majority of water users in South Africa started to misuse water, thinking that it’s all over.

Water Heroes wants South Africans to continue living their lifestyles as though Day Zero was still in its inception. This idea was brought by when, between May 2017 and April 2018, Cape Town faced its worst drought period ever experienced in more than 120 years.

Water Heroes is here to ensure that South Africans continue to save water beyond Day Zero by starting a campaign that rewards Water Heroes to ensure that no South African province will ever be faced with a challenge as bad as Day Zero.

The main factors which brought this water crisis into play were the three consecutive years of below average rainfall which was a first in over forty years. Then the low rainfall period which was coupled with a seven year consecutive increase in water consumption levels which then plunged the Mother City to the worst drought period in recent history.

The big positive out of this crisis was that Cape Town became the first major city in the world that managed to drastically reduce its water consumptions by more than half. The true Water Heroes in this instance are the City of Cape Town residents who heeded the call to be water wise by reducing their daily water consumptions and adopting a new fifty litres a day lifestyle.

Water Heroes wants South African citizens to be aware that “Day Zero”did not just start and end with the recent drought scare, South Africa has always been a water scarce country. Although the topic of “Day Zero”is no longer a scare, South Africa still has a shortage of water!

It is all up to us as the consumers to make sure that what we do today will prevent our country from running out of water tomorrow. We want each and every individual and business to play an important role in ensuring that water is saved and that every drop counts.

After April 2018, Cape Town water crisis was not yet over as annual rainfall has been on a decline for the past six years. It is therefore critical that our Water Heroes remain water-wise to prevent ever going back to “Day Zero”countdown.

The message is clear; be water-wise and remain water-wise by adopting the fifty litres a day lifestyle. For more practical ways to reduce and maintain low water consumption volumes visit or email

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