Construction Alliance South Africa (CASA) has added its voice to condemn acts of violence, damage to property, and looting that have been taking place in some parts of the country, particularly in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng.

Emphasizing the need for calm and bold action by the government, the Chairperson of CASA, John Matthews said though there have been some delays in decisively dealing with the outbreak of vandalism, theft, and looting,

CASA welcomes the government and the civil society’s bold interventions in stepping up to ensure that there are no further destruction of property, looting and intimidation.

CASA is a construction body made up of some 34 professionals, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other allied industry bodies – essentially the construction value chain, with the broad objective of having joint representation in engagements on matters of mutual concern.

“It is very sad for us as a construction industry to see properties going up in flames. Some of these properties are massive commercial buildings that are going to take many months to rebuild and get to their full operational status. We are also concerned about the reversal of gains made in rolling out of the national vaccination program which will have a devastating effect on our industry and the country,” said Matthews.

“As the construction sector, we remain committed to playing our developmental role and we are ready to roll up our sleeves to rebuild what has been destroyed as well as other infrastructure required for our growing population and economic growth. We are willing to engage with both government and other role players on how we can assist in the rebuilding process post these unfortunate times.”

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