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For reasons of economy, longevity and mouldability, concrete is the structural material of choice for pipes, bunds and reservoirs in wastewater treatment plants.

This versatile and age-old material presents one serious and costly drawback, though: it is susceptible to degradation in modern, aggressive environments. Corrosion of the concrete due to chemical attack in particular can significantly reduce the lifespan of unprotected concrete structures, such as pipes used in wastewater treatment works. This often necessitates disruptive and costly replacement operations for municipalities and facility operators. Sophisticated cast-in corrosion protection liners (CPL) such as those manufactured by AKS Lining Systems effectively prolong the lifespan of new pipes, bund areas and reservoirs, dramatically reducing the lifetime cost.

Groundbreaking advance

AKS Lining Systems has taken the cast-in liner concept and perfected its design through the development of Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS™) technology. The concept surpasses all concrete protection alternatives in both cost savings and performance. AKS™ CPL, manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), was designed specifically for the conveyance of sewage and is supplied in wide sheets, tubes or rolls to suit the project requirements.

In the case of concrete piping, the concrete pipe manufacturer integrates the tube with the concrete during the casting process. The unique anchors are embedded into the concrete, so that the tube forms an integral part throughout the pipe’s length. In this way, AKS™ enhances the robust qualities of HDPE linings through the close matrix of anchors. These anchors permanently secure the sheeting to the structure.

In its element

AKS™ CPL is unique in its design. A total of 1 230 anchors per m² ensure the AKS™ lining is locked firmly into the concrete structure. Supplied in thicknesses from 1.65 mm up to 10 mm, the liner is used in a diverse range of chemically aggressive applications, such as mining, water treatment and the conveyance of sewage. Its superior crack-bridging ability allows for movement in the concrete structure, without delamination.

AKS™ outperforms

The use of HDPE AKS™ CPL in conventional concrete pipes allows these conduits to be used in applications where previously only GRP, PVC or solid wall HDPE pipes would be considered. A concrete pipelined with AKS™ offers numerous benefits: chemical resistance to nearly all aggressive environments; no limit to the size or diameter of the pipe; the smooth HDPE internal surface offers far higher friction values for additional carrying capacity; high abrasion resistance ensures minimal damage or wear and tear; and the overall cost of large-diameter pipe lined with AKS™ is greatly reduced compared to alternatives.

Rapid availability

AKS™ CPL is manufactured at the large production capacity plant of AKS Lining Systems, based in Brackenfell, Cape Town. A yard with ample storage provides the shortest possible lead times to customers. For added peace of mind, AKS invites its customers to a plant visit to familiarise themselves with the integrity and quality standards at work at the company

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