During September 2023, the Western Cape Department of Infrastructure will be extending its public services to assist residents with various housing queries. 

The month of September is celebrated annually as Public Service Month (PSM) and is a reminder of what it means to serve communities. Officials at the Department will be honouring PSM by offering extended business hours and services in various areas to assist and serve Western Cape residents.

Housing queries answered

The Department’s Help Desk team will be assisting with queries relating to:  

  • Citizens Landlord and tenant disputes/advice
  • Subsidies and programmes
  • General housing related enquiries (eg. deceased estates, ownership enquiries, transfer process, title deeds)
  • Affordable housing programmes ie. for rental and purchasing opportunities
  • Military Veterans Housing Assistance
  • Tips for Homeowners
  • Assistance from the Housing Development Agency (HDA) with title deeds, allocation enquiries and signing of sale agreements

Where to go for help

“By extending our service offerings during Public Service Month, we hope to reach and assist more citizens to tap into housing subsidies, programmes and support available to them. With different types of misinformation regarding government housing within the public space, it is a great opportunity for our citizens to get clarity and much needed services,” said Jacqueline Gooch, Head of Department.

The dates, times and venues are outlined below where citizens can access housing information during September:

  • 7-8 September, Thusong Mobile Outreach: Time: 9am – 3pm, Groendal Community Hall, Groenendal, Stellenbosch
  • 9 September, 9am – 1pm, 27 Wale Street, Cape Town CBD.
  • 19-20 September, Thusong Mobile Outreach: Time: 11am – 3pm, Goudini VGK Church Hall, Denova, Rawsonville, Worcester 
  • 23 September, 9am – 1pm, 27 Wale Street, Cape Town CBD.

Western Cape Minister of Infrastructure, Tertuis Simmers, added that “through these efforts, we not only commemorate Public Service Month, but also ensure that the needs of our citizens are catered for. It is through such initiatives that we are reminded of the importance of being an accessible public service.”
During regular business hours, the department offers public services from 7:30am to 3pm Monday to Friday at 27 Wale Street, Cape Town. Residents can also visit their local municipal housing office for any government housing related queries. Residents can also call or email the Department on:

Western Cape residents are encouraged to take advantage of the extended service offerings during September and also visit the Department or their local municipality during regular hours for any housing related queries. 

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