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Cato Manor green house project image

A touch of green

According to a case study spearheaded by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), if three million existing low-income houses were converted to ‘green’ homes, the electricity saving would be enough to power a city the size of Durban or...
Holfontein H:H landfill site image

Setting the standard

The construction of Cell 9 at the Holfontein H:H Disposal Site is the first commercial hazardous waste cell to be designed and constructed to the new Class A standards contained in the Draft National Standard for Disposal of Waste to Landfi ll,...
Yellow canary

Canaries to Crows

Are we missing something? Where I live we used to have many Indian Mynah birds. These birds seemed to be territorial and they protected their areas. They also seemed to breed at an incredible rate and there were always lots of them. From what I...
Mercedes-Benz Atego image

Adaptable reliability

Pictured: The Mercedes-Benz Atego Reliability, safety and environmental awareness, with excellent driving comfort, are but a few of the qualities that set the Mercedes-Benz Atego apart. The fuel-efficient and reliable Euro 3 compliant engines in...