There’s an app for almost everything we do in our daily lives and keeping up with what’s trending isn’t always an option for a busy engineer. With this in mind we’ve selected six useful apps for engineers.


This app is ideal for teams performing subdivisions, water and sewer main constructions, storm water earthworks, road and civil engineering projects and other civil works. It offers 15 powerful functions for heavy civil construction basics and civil works.
It’s great for formula calculations of reduced levels, jump ups, new benchmarks and daily level checks. It also calculates converts and adjusts grades. Calculation data can be emailed straight to your contacts for approval, ordering & confirmation.

Mechanical Engineer

This app contains over 300 mechanical engineering formulas. There are over 300 additional conversion formulas in the program as well as 70 area formulas. Major areas covered in the program include: bearings, belts, boilers, brakes, clutches, elevators, gears, fluid power, heat transfer, internal combustion, kinetic energy, power plants, shafts springs, and vehicle drive.

Graphing Calculator

This App is useful for engineers and scientists. The Graphing Calculator turns the iPad into a high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator.

Some of its features include: quickly plotting and tracing multiple equations on the same graph, custom keyboard to speed up entering equations, pinch to zoom and drag or slide for scrolling the graph in real time, taking screen shots, and e-mailing graphs to yourself.

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