How does your company’s machinery and services offer a convenient, cost-effective, sustainable solution?

Herman Smit, Managing Director QFS base our designs or pre-engineered skid technology localised for cost saving and suitability to local conditions.

Developed by Evoqua Water Technologies, the technology has been implemented worldwide and allows QFS to tap into valuable experience and knowledge from our international partners.

In conjunction with these technology benefits the QFS local manufacturing, commissioning and service team provide the benefit to our clients of local support.

What key technologies does you company offer?
Screening down to 40 microns
Floatation technology
Ultra filtration
Reverse osmosis (RO)

What are the benefits of your company’s specific technologies?

  • Any desalination requires good quality screening of sand and visible matter from the water before this is further treated in the process. QFS make use of new generation polymer screening technology to ensure removal of the particulate matter.
  • QFS is making use of the next generation floatation technology for the removal of macro-organisms like algae. A saving of 60-70% on the footprint and more stable floc formation make the GEM technology an attractive alternative to dissolved air filtration.

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