The vast range of technologies available for the treatment of water reflects the diversity of industries and mining practices in need of effluent treatment.

While the specific treatment protocols and technologies lie in the specialists’hands, water sector professionals as a whole also have a compelling need to understand them in order to proactively maintain South Africa’s water security.

The reason for this is that pollutants are entering the country’s water reserves at a rate faster than they can be treated, drastically reducing the quality of South Africa’s potable reserves.

Reasons for this include mine water pollution, mine closures, and increased carbon-based energy production, among others.

Furthermore, the issue of poor water quality has been tipped to become the biggest factor determining whether the country’s economy will flourish or fail in the future.

Southern Africa boasts a number of talented people in the fields of engineering, research, hydrology, policy and consulting. Water&Sanitation Africa focuses on how these talents are being exercised in the fields of industrial water and mine water treatment.

This editions panel discussion participants include Quality Filtration Systems, Bigen Africa, Water Research Commission, Degremont Suez Environment Group, SRK Consulting (SA), NALCO and Rare Water Treatment.

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