Africa is installing 7 000MW of new power generation each year | Infrastructure news

South Africa is spending an estimated USD7-billion; Ghana is spending an estimated USD700-million; Kenya is spending an estimated USD12-billion; Angola, spending an estimated USD23-billion all on new infrastructure.

The African continent’s projects range in objectives from increasing electrification rates to rehabilitation of dilapidated power grids. African governments, utilities and independent power providers are now actively investing in the industry. This is a market energy business cannot afford to not be in.

Africa’s chronic power problems affect 30 countries and take a heavy toll on economic growth and productivity. Africa needs 7 000 MW of new power generation capacity each year and African governments have made it their mission to install that on a yearly basis.

Power and Electricity World Africa

The 19th Power & Electricity World Africa is taking place next year from 15 to 16 March at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Power and Electricity World Africa is a conference and expo for marketplace and ideas exchange for African power producers, large energy users and governments, hungry for ground breaking solutions.

This is a platform for thought leaders to showcase their offerings to Africa’s power and energy buyer community.

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