A valve being repaired

A valve being repaired

Refurbishment rather than replacement of valves is increasingly viewed as a means of reducing capital expenditure, but only if work being carried out is in accordance to the SANS 347, South African Pressure Equipment Regulations and manufacturer’s strict requirements.

This is according to Ryan Croker, KSB Pumps and Valves, valve service and acting sales manager, adding that refurbishment can offer a number of advantages including reduced lead times for large engineered valves.

In other instances, the custom-fit nature of certain valves makes it preferable to refurbish rather than replace. Cost is also a factor, but these benefits are meaningless unless the valve is restored to OEM specifications and conditions to ensure reliable service in the long run.

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of valves for all industries, including high pressure steam valves for power generation, chemical and other plants, KSB Pumps and Valves has recently invested in a workshop and other facilities to ensure that even the most complex and precise valves can be refurbished in accordance to the SANS 347, the South African Pressure Equipment Regulations and world-leading standards.


Manufacturer approved

“As an OEM manufacturer we are able to supply either new or refurbished valves whichever makes technical sense or according to customers’ requirements. Our workshop is specially equipped to deal with any type of valve and we specialise in high pressure steam and technically complicated valves.

“Like our mother-company in Germany we have the technology and processes in place to do the work correctly and in accordance with all relevant legislations. Likewise, as an OEM we have access to all the required technical expertise and aftersales services to support our valves whether they be new or refurbished,” says Ryan.

He adds that the valves division has been especially beefed-up to meet growing demands from an ever-broadening customer base. Sales, service and logistics efforts enable them to reach out to all corners of the region and ensure that professional and competent services can be offered.


Market needs

The promulgation of SANS 347 and subsequent upgrading of KSBs’ valve repair workshop is in line with efforts to ensure safer handling and usage of equipment classified as pressure vessel accessories. In light of the large fleet of specialised valves that exist in Southern Africa the establishment of a fully-fledged compliant workshop opens avenues for users to professionally refurbish rather than replace valves.

In addition, KSB’s valve division will ensure that the industry has access to the best national and international services from the company. Utilities like Eskom, various water authorities, as well as large-scale companies are already making use of the company’s repair and refurbishment services. “As an OEM we are now able to offer customers a full spectrum of services from sales, to support and maintenance to repairs and eventual refurbishment if required. That is unique,” concludes Ryan.