By A.S Dookhi

The East London Regional Waste Disposal Site, referred to as the Roundhill Landfill Site, has been in operation since February 2006. The site is classified and permitted as a G:L:B+ site and currently accepts approximately 600 tonnes of general waste per day and restricted volumes of treated health care risk waste.

In recent years, the site has experienced significant operational challenges, resulting in increased health and safety risks and an increase in the adverse effects on the surrounding environment. As the operational challenges grew greater, the site progressed to a state of non-compliance.

It was at this stage that Envitech Solutions (Pty) Ltd was appointed to compile a Turn-Around Strategy and an Implementation Plan, which would be in line and promote compliance with the landfill permit requirements and the prevailing environmental legislation.

Download the full version here: Engineering compliance – East London Regional Waste Disposal Site – A case study

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