Minister of Human Settlements Nomaindiya Mfeketo says the success or failure of her department depends on the performance of Provinces and Municipalities.

Speaking in Parliament during her Budget Vote at the National Council of Provinces, Mfeketo noted that informal settlements, rapid migration and slow economic growth are some of the challenges that hinder Government’s ability to deliver services effectively.

“I see this clearly as I visit communities that are affected by wild fires, pressures of landlessness, and unfortunately, a chain of corruption and maladministration that affect the poor,” she said.

She added that one of the cardinal pillars of the theme for this year’s budget, which is the Golden Era of Human Settlements Expansion, was building formidable institutions.

Provision of sustainable human settlements

The department has allocated a budget of R31.3 billion for grant funding and transfers for the 2018/19 financial year and according to Mfeketo will be divided between provinces, municipalities and human settlements entities.

Of this amount the department has set aside R18.1 billion for all nine provinces, R11.3 billion for the country’s Metropolitan Municipalities and R1.1 billion for the seven Human Settlements entities.

The funds are meant for the provision of sustainable human settlements, bulk infrastructure as well as bulk infrastructure .

Emergency housing fund

In addition approximately R140 million and R260 million has been set aside for bulk infrastructure for municipalities and provinces, respectively.

“We urge efficient use of this emergency fund to alleviate the plight of our people in the face of unfortunate circumstances such as fires, floods and other natural disasters,” Mfeketo insisted.

Additional funds have been allocated for the Title Deeds Restoration grant as well as The Finance-Linked Individual Subsidy Programme amounting to R518 million and R900 million respectively.

“I can say it in this House without fear of contradiction, that the success or failure of the National Department depends on the performance of Provinces and Municipalities. This House is the most appropriate institution to hold all levels of the Executive accountable,” Mfeketo concluded.

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